NephJC is a nephrology journal club that uses Twitter to discuss the research, guidelines, and editorials that drive nephrology.

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COVID19 and the Kidney

Follow the link to the NephJC Corona Virus resource page

landeng_landeng官网 安卓_lan灯破解版安卓版:2021-6-12 · landeng 5.0.2 专业破解版 | 软件实验室-去广告绿色软件分享博客 2021年5月10日 - 【landeng】破解专业版应用仅限用于学习和研究目的,破解不制造不存储任何有关翻山的通信与数据,不参与任何landeng官方开发,不记录任何用户隐私数据。

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All scheduled chats are tentative. We may change the schedule depending on the whims of the NephJC work group


July 28, 29 August 4, 5 #NephJC will be discussing the 333kkkk·亚洲com久久 - 找到你,原来如此简单:2021-4-17 · 333kkkk·亚洲com久久相关信息, 333kkkk·亚洲com久久 阅读天地 想看既看,想听既听得阅读 编者推荐 最新上架 作者 路遥 路遥 路遥路遥 路遥 路遥 路遥 路遥 路遥 阅读天地是学习分享平台,如对本站有意见和建议请留言 本站所...

Rescheduled because of the boycott of Twitter to protest antisemitism on the platform, landeng破解版安卓版5.0.1.

August 11, 12 TBD, have any suggestions? landeng破解版安卓.

August 25, 26 NephJC Summer Book Club: Rana Awdish’s In Shock


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landeng破解版安卓版___landeng破解版安卓版__最新资讯:2021-4-13 · landeng破解版安卓版-优惠大放送 2021年4月10日 - landeng破解版安卓版:他们越来越觉得博物馆不沉闷,而是一个好玩、能收获文化滋养的地方。 landeng破解版安卓版:这套书的出版必将对出版传媒行业人才培养和...

2020 Rana Awdish’s In Shock

landeng破解版安卓版5.0.1 Andrew Bomback’s Doctor (Object Lessons)

2018 Siddhartha Mukherjee's Laws of Medicine, Field Notes from an Uncertain Science

2017 Vanessa Grubb's Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers.

2016 Eric Topol's The Patient Will See You Now

2015 Atul Gawande's Being Mortal

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Twice a month (that’s aspirational, not a promise), the filtrate (Jennie Lin, Joel Topf, Samira Farouk, Matt Sparks, and Swapnil Hiremath) sit down and recap the latest NephJC discussion. We go as deep as it takes. Give it a listen.

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Archive of all #NephJC Topics
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我爱破解 - 好看123:2 天前 · 吾爱破解资源网 landeng破解版安卓 版 吾爱破解app官网 各种分享破解资源的网站 破解软件分享网 今日实时热搜 李子柒 618列车 盲人练一年字才办成离婚 BLACKPINK回归日期 为什么在美国十万人不 …

The NephJC work group has produced a primer to document some of our thoughts on the practices on running a Twitter Journal Club. We think it is quite good. Take a look.



In the last year, NephJC has injected some statistical muscle into its editorial team (thank you Perry Wilson and Laurie Tomlinson). Then Manasi Bapat volunteered to create some cogent explainers for the various techniques that are routinely described in the methods section most of us skip over as we rush to the results. Here are the recent posts...











Thanks for voting. On November 8th at the #KidneyWk NephJC Party we announced the winners in all 5 categories.

  • Rookie of the Year: Tiff Caza

  • Most Engaged Scientist: Vlado Perkovic

  • Study of the Year: CREDENCE

  • Most Valuable Player: Aisha Shaikh

  • Nathan Hellman Social Media Project of the Year: NephSIM

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